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IEWM logo

IEWM is a sector-led organisation that supports local authorities and their wider public sector partners in their drive to increase efficiency and improve local public services. 

Our role is to work on behalf of the sector to help stimulate and influence new thinking and innovation; to support and enable sector collaboration, to mobilise sector-led improvement activities and to promote and encourage engagement in new ways of working.

We help bring the sector together to collaborate and find solutions in all major areas including sector-led improvement, adult social care and children’s services, transformation, commissioning and procurement.

Since April 2008 we have supported the delivery of over £214m savings across all local authorities in the West Midlands and are well on track to achieve our target of £350m by March 2015.



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Comms2Point0 logo

What is comms2point0?

comms2point0 is a free online resource and community for creative communicators across the public and private sector.

Now home to over 300 posts packed with tips, reviews, advice, tools, case studies  – comms2point0 has evolved into a resource to help comms professionals keep up to speed with all that’s interesting and new in the world of digital communications.  Recently it’s been described as ‘a must read for every public sector comms person’.  We were quite chuffed with that description.

Our website receives almost 12,000 unique visitors per month and we have an engaged twitter community of over 3,600 followers.

Who’s behind comms2point0?

Darren Caveney & Dan Slee – create, build and deliver comms2point0 outside of their day jobs.  A couple of communications professionals with over 30 years combined experience who have planned, shaped and delivered communications for a range of businesses and organisations across the public and private sector.

How does it work?

Every day, via, and our twitter feed @comms2point0, we link you up with fresh new case studies, tweets and posts.  We share tips and point you in the direction of the very latest in best practice communications.  We want to help you create a brilliant toolkit which supports you in all aspects of your communications planning, delivery and evaluation –  from building effective internal communications channels through to using social media to build your business.

Other stuff…

We also write, speak and train on social media and digital communications. They help run commscamp, the annual Hyper WM event and bi-monthly Brewcamp events in the West Midlands, which aims to spark discussion and share best practice on digital channels in and around local government and the public sector.

For more info check out:


twitter @comms2point0



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