IEWM New Ideas Fund

Commscamp, Birmingham

Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands has a history of bringing innovation and promoting new approaches in the region.

This White Paper highlights the practical opportunities provided by Social Media technologies and demonstrates how the use of ‘unconferences’ and similar models of bringing people together in informal networks with fresh ideas is having an impact at local and regional levels.

The IEWM team have attended a number of events that have highlighted the opportunities provided by social media to support new ways of working, communicate some of the major challenges facing local government and possibly assist with the delivery of efficiencies.

Discussions with people engaged in these activities reveal that there is significant enthusiasm and appetite to make improvements and these could be introduced quite simply but empowerment to act and resources to leverage the change are not always present. Within the current economic climate authorities do not always have the ability to be able to take risks with even a small amount of resources.

The IEWM Board has set aside a budget (up to £5000 per project) which can be used for the development of ideas generated through the region’s Social Media activities. If you have any ideas please send your proposals to for discussion and approval with the wider team.

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