“Inside out and upside down” – how preventative vision of the Care Act has been embraced in the West Midlands

Lets Talk Local (Diagram 1, p. 4)

Lets Talk Local (Diagram 1, p. 4)


The prevention report “Inside out and upside down:  Community based approaches to social care prevention in a time of austerity” showcases six councils that have developed their approaches to asset based community development in a climate of austerity.

As part of their wider Improvement Plan, West Midlands ADASS and Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands, committed in 2014 to undertake some work to look at the different approaches being taken across the West Midlands towards prevention and ways to support local communities.

The report draws out some of the themes that are emerging from these approaches and highlights some of the common factors that have been seen to be successful in both reducing costs and encouraging partnership working.

In the context of the imminent implementation of the Care Act and its emphasis on preventative approaches, the report is timely in highlighting the good work being done by West Midlands councils in this area.


You can view the report here.


What do you think of the report? Let us know using #bestbywm.

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