How a social care scheme can benefit from social media?

Making it Real in Dudley is a partnership involving a range of statutory, voluntary commercial and community organisations. At the heart of making it real are the I statements that we’re written by people who use care and support services and carers to describe their aspirations for social care. The thinking behind out communications strategy is simple,

A. Transparency is king, all plans, board papers, highlight reports and performance data should be available to any interested party.

B. In order to ensure Making it Real reflects the needs of local people their should be clear means for people to engage express an opinion, shape activity and find out what’s going on.

Both of the above points were the inspiration for

The website includes a bespoke twitter feed @mirdudley. All the documentation above and a series of blogs and presentations are available to anyone through these channels.

Given the communication needs of our audience are as diverse as the 312000 people of the borough we also use more traditional methods such as paper newsletters, phone surveys, workshops, road shows and surgeries. Most of which are accessible via the events tab on site.

In a short space of time 177 people have followed @mirdudley, several hundreds of people have attended recent road shows and surgeries.

These conversations whether virtual or in person are all contributing to our understanding of what works and inspiring a culture of you said, we did.

by Stuart Lackenby

Programme Lead for Quality and Commissioning at Dudley Council.

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2 thoughts on “How a social care scheme can benefit from social media?

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