Social Media at Birmingham City Council – what we are doing

Birmingham traffic lights

Birmingham City Council is already one of the most active social media councils with our twitter and facebook accounts having a combined total of more than 150,000 followers nearly double the 76,818 as of April 2012. There is a list of these accounts at

The corporate @BhamCityCouncil twitter account has been very successful, seeing an increase in followers to 6,000+, greater than 1000% increase in the last 12 months and we’re seeing some super customer service from our @BhamHousing and @ehbham twitter accounts. It can be a fantastic channel for helping residents with service issues. Here’s a lovely example of a problem reported to us on twitter on Christmas Eve afternoon:

@BhamCityCouncil I have just found out that my Aunt & Uncle,who are in their 90’s, have had NO heating for 2 weeks & was reported to you then

Bham City Council

Hi Deborah, please could you send the full details to so we can investigate further

@BhamCityCouncil Heating team have just left my aunt’s house in Edgbaston & have fixed the boiler; it’s toastie & warm now thank you!

5:11pm · 24 Dec 12 ·

Bham City Council

Well that’s good to hear. Have a good Christmas, glad we could help : )

The Frankfurt market now has over 33,100 followers on facebook from 20 countries, that’s up from 18,500 before last year’s market. In light of the new algorithm introduced by facebook, that’s a remarkable achievement.

BCC budget consultation public meetings resulted in 184 tweets using the #brumbudget13 hashtag which generated 583,381 impressions, reaching an audience of 67,139 followers within the first 24 hours.

Birmingham Culture has over 11,300 followers on twitter, over 5,300 followers on facebook and had 30,000+ views on flickr since 2010. One of our short youtube clips of Olympic athletes training in Brum has been seen by nearly 40,000 people, see it here featuring Tyson Gay. We’re also on pinterest and n0tice

Tweets for Artsfest 2012 created 1,580,687 impressions and reached over 400,000 individuals.

Our Birmingham Bulletin e-newsletter goes out monthly to over 60,000 people and features what’s on, city and environment news, competitions and links to our social media accounts.

Excitingly since our google+ account was verified we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of people adding us to their circles. This happened in March 2013 and more than 7,500 people have followed us since then.

We started live streaming Full Council, Planning Committee, Cabinet Committee and District Committee meetings in February this year using a platform supported by Public-i and we’ve had more than 42,000 views so far. All meetings are archived and fully indexed, see the library here:


by Guy Evans,

Birmingham City Council


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