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Research shows that 70% of parents feel they need advice and support in their parenting role, yet many are unaware that services exist or have difficulty accessing those services. Shropshire Council’s Family Information Service (FIS) offers free impartial information, advice and support on all aspects of family life.

The FIS work to expand the ways that parents can gain access to the quality information they need. In April 2012 the FIS published its first EBook – The Rainbow Pack, which is a 100 page handbook for parents of children with disabilities and additional needs.


Hot air balloon, Shropshire

The Rainbow Pack provides information to a group of parents who face additional barriers to accessing information to support them in their role as a parent.

As the Rainbow Pack is a handbook it was a perfect choice of publication for the FIS to make available as an EBook. Downloading the pack enables parents to have access to the information either through their iPhone, iPad or Kindle devise, and so to be able to refer to the contents as and when issues arising in their child’s life and journey through services and support.

As the Rainbow Pack is also one of the most costly publications for the FIS it also made it a good choice to ensure the information would remain available to parents even if budgets would not allow for a hard copy print run in the future.

The Rainbow Pack is the first in a number of EBooks due to be published by the FIS, with a Summer  Fun Guide due to be released in June ready for the parents to plan things to do and places to go during the six weeks school summer holidays.


Kate Bentham,

Shropshire Council

Kate blogs here.


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