Barrier vaulting to win over the gatekeepers


The organisation needs to grasp what social media does. It needs to have someone whose job it is to encourage, informally monitor and allow social media accounts to build and thrive within set out parameters. They need to be receptive to frontline staff accessing.

So, how do you win them over?

‘I’m really sensible. Honest…’

Demonstrate that you can already be trusted with a telephone, an email address and that you have regular contact with the public. This could be over a period of time.

‘My manager thinks I’m sensible too…’

Not only do you think you are sensible but your manager does too. That’s an extra layer of reassurance.

‘I can set out what I’ll use it for…’

You can show the sorts of things that you will be talking about and you can demonstrate that you are prepared to spend a little time every day in updating and responding.

‘I’ll still be doing the traditional comms…’

You can show that you’ll still be plugging into the comms team for the traditional coverage and that you will call for help if things go a bit awry.

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